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Education in the world of agriculture does not have to end in the field. In today’s world, there are leaps and bounds being made in the industry. The careers and opportunities are endless!

If you decide college is the path for you, let’s take a look at some possible agriculture degrees.

Soil, Plant, & Environmental Science

Students will cover topics such as plant genetics, range management, soil science, plant biology, water conservation, and ecology.

Possible Careers: 

  • Crop consultant
  • Soil scientist
  • Soil/water conservationist

Agricultural Communication & Media/Journalism/Marketing

The goal of this degree is to prepare students to promote agricultural products, issues, services, and more to the general public.

Possible Careers: 

  • Agricultural journalist
  • Agricultural marketing specialist
  • Sales representative

Agricultural Education

This degree will prepare those to teach agriculture to middle school and high school grades.

Possible Careers:

  • Extension agent
  • FFA Advisor
  • Agricultural science teacher

Animal Science

Students will learn the genetics, anatomy, nutrition, and behavior of livestock animals. This degree can specialize in Pre-Vet to receive the requirements to get into vet school.

Possible Careers: 

  • Veterinarian technician
  • Veterinarian (with further schooling)
  • Agricultural scientist


With a focus on the business side of agriculture, students will learn marketing operations, production, promotion of goods and services, and more in this degree path.

Possible Careers: 

  • Agricultural economist
  • Agricultural market analyst
  • Agribusiness manager

Agricultural Engineering/Mechanics

Students will gain knowledge of the machinery and systems used in farming, ranching, and other agricultural fields.

Possible Careers:

  • Irrigation technician
  • Agricultural equipment technician
  • Mechanical engineer

General Agriculture

“Jack of all trades!” This degree will combine a bit of all the above degrees to give a plethora of knowledge.

Possible Careers:

  • Farmer/rancher
  • Agricultural loan officer
  • Grain merchandiser

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