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Cowgirl Hotlist

Glamping has become very popular in recent years within the cowgirl community, thanks to the Junk Gypsy sisters and the beautiful Airstream they decorated for Miranda Lambert, that became famous during one of her recent tours.
Miranda Lambert’s Airstream. Photo courtesy of Twitter user lizazolls.
The life that is associated with glamping is very popular because it symbolizes freedom…glampers often travel across the country and set up shop in the middle of nowhere, with sky stretching as far as the eye can see. As once quoted by Miranda Lambert in one of her popular tracks, Airstream Song, “Sometimes I wish I lived in Airstream homemade curtains, lived just like a gypsy.” Check out these beautiful Airstreams and get ready to be inspired!
Photo courtesy of tinnosrvrental.com.
Photo courtesy of hypebeast.com.
Photo courtesy of inhabitat.com.
Photo courtesy of roverpass.com.
Photo courtesy of insidehook.com.
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