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You might not know much about Akhal-Teke horses. This breed is quite rare with only around 6,600 in the world. Most of them reside in Turkmenistan. One of this breed’s distinguishing traits is having a shiny coat. They’re like no other horse in the world!

Why Akhal-Tekes Have Shiny Coats

It has to do with the hair. The opaque core of the hair is narrower and in some cases even absent. This allows the light to shine right through it, though it refracts it a little. The end result is that shimmery gold look. Keep in mind not every Akhal-Teke has this gene. Some have a normal looking coat.

The Akhal-Teke breed comes in a lot of different colors. They can be bay, chestnut, black, gray, palomino, cremello, among other solid colors. Black Akhal-Tekes will appear almost blue or purple thanks to their unique coat.

They don’t usually have very thick manes and tails, in fact they’re very sparse. The skin of this breed is thin.

While this breed is often recognized by their looks, they’re also very athletic. Many compete in show jumping, dressage, horse racing, and endurance.

This rare and exotic horse has a unique history and beautiful appearance. If you get the chance to meet one, consider yourself lucky!