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Courtesy Leisha Ashley.……

When Leisha Ashley moved out of San Antonio to start her family, she planned on being a stay-at-home mom, but ended up at a job she adores.

As the CEO/Partner at Alamo Saddlery, Leisha’s days are all different and  full of exciting opportunities. She regularly designs new products, fills orders, assists in marketing, negotiates with sponsors, and makes sure she’s there for her employees when they need her.  Clearly, her job keeps her busy, but that’s just how she likes it.  “I love that every day that I go to work it’s never the same,” said Leigh.  “It’s like showing up and working on a puzzle every single day trying to put the pieces where they go and make it work.  This is why my day goes by so fast, it’s like doing a puzzle every single day.”

Lately, she’s been training Leigh Martinez, a new owner of the company. “My goal is to keep this company successful and hand over the reins in the best way possible with a smooth transition to the new owners,” she said.

When asked about her greatest accomplishment, Leisha recalled her creation of jewelry on tack.  It became so popular that others started to replicate it.  “At first I was offended, but then I realized I’m supposed to take that as a compliment!”

HER BEST ADVICE: “Be patient. Everything doesn’t come all at once. Every day you do the best you can do and tackle every task.”