I’ve said it once, and I’ll keep on saying it – beautiful artwork really can make a tremendous impact in a home. I’m always in awe of the talented artists I come across on Instagram and various social media outlets.

I originally interviewed Alana Clumeck on my own site months ago, and have been an avid fan ever since. Alana is a self taught artist who paints a variety of animals and landscapes; however, horses are her favorite animals to paint.

Visit Alana’s website to see the rest of her collection and flip through some of my favorites.

Want a commissioned piece of your own horse? Alana can do that with ease.

Each piece is done with acrylic paint on canvas.

Alana just started painting several years ago and is a self taught artist.

The next time you are looking for a piece of statement art, think about one of these beautiful paintings.

(Originally published in August 2016).