alexis bloomer behind the buckle
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Media maven Alexis Bloomer is launching a new podcast today! With Behind the Buckle, Alexis Bloomer is setting out to ask the tough questions of rodeo athletes.

“I’s an unmatched look into the life and mindset of the men and women that paved our sport, both past and present,” wrote Alexis on Instagram. “We have access to thousands of athletes in an untouched market that on skims the top of who these people really are. No one is asking them the questions that are difficult to answer and I think once we give them a chance to be open and raw, we will bring in new fans to our sport.”

She’s determined to get deeper than journalists have gone in the past, in search of the real people behind the buckles. “I’ll ask the uncomfortable questions that people are afraid to address and it will give you an inside look into what molds regular people into champions,” she continues.

Alexis revealed that she’s had the idea for almost two years, keeping it in a note on her iPhone. 2020, she decided, was the time to finally put the thought into action!

The new podcast will cover all Western sports. “PRCA, PBR and more!” says Alexis.

Behind the Buckle releases March 20th. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.