alexis bloomer cowgirl magazine

Amidst the adrenaline and excitement at a typical rodeo, you find young and ambitious girls who are anxiously chasing after their dreams.  Among them is Alexis Bloomer. You won’t find her turning a barrel or competing in the phenomenon of breakaway roping, but rather hard at work on her rising career as an author and a journalist.

Good Girl Bad World and my newest book, Alex Doson: Secrets of a Small Town, were both finished at rodeos,” Alexis said.  “Also, I find inspiration from my podcasts based on real life experiences, so most of those are written down on the back of my tickets.”  Alexis said Sage Kimsey, PRCA bull riding champion and her boyfriend, always laughs at her because he can tell when she comes up with a new idea during a competition.

It’s ironic that her recent successful ventures come from a rodeo atmosphere, because one of the biggest obstacles of her career has been found tied to the competition world.  “I did not rodeo and a lot of people did not think I was qualified to be in my position because I never competed personally,” she said.  Bloomer took the challenge as a catalyst to validate herself as a journalist and used her experiences of watching events from the outside to provide a new perspective on reporting: a personal angle.  “I know the stats, but I genuinely care about the people,” she said.

While her expertise isn’t rooted in personal rodeo competition, Bloomer is anything but a novice when it comes to the Western lifestyle.  She grew up in the small town of Salido, TX, when her dad moved his company, Bloomer Trailers, there from Houston.  “I spent a large majority of my childhood surrounded by the Western way of life and I think that inspired me to pursue a career in journalism.”  Her first opportunity came as a 17-year-old writer for a Western magazine, which gave her the ability to increase her knowledge of sports that accompanied the lifestyle.

From that point forward, Bloomer was convinced of the direction she wanted to go and found the perfect way to launch her path to success.  “I wanted to attend a school with a remarkable journalism department and Sam Houston State University’s Dan Rather School of Journalism was where I set my sights.”  Among the opportunities she earned while in school, Bloomer was able to host her own stage show at the NFR, launch Western Sports Round-Up on Rural Radio, launch her own show, Alexis Bloomer, Off the Record, and was selected out of over 100 candidates to intern with Dan Rather himself.  “That summer was one of the most rewarding summers of my life and it solidified my belief that I had chosen the correct career path,” Bloomer said.  She attributes her success to the amazing opportunities, and the support of one teacher in particular, LeeAn Muns.  “It is because of her that I can say I am an award-winning journalist.”

With the ever present support of her family, Kimsey, and all the girls that reach out to her with encouragement, Bloomer has gone on to not only publish two books, both of which have won awards, but also open her own media company, Breaking Records Media through which she produces and hosts her own show, America’s Finest.  “I profile individuals in America that have overcome adversity and are continuing to be a positive light despite what happened to them,” she said.  Her first piece, on John Wayne Walding, a former Green Beret who lost his leg while serving, was entered into the Telly Awards.  “It was the first thing I produced and hosted solo, and it won.”

The accomplished young woman is far from finished obtaining accolades in her career.  The broader impact she has on the community is an equal, if not greater, partner to her journey for success.  “I strive to show everyone that you can be kind and successful.  A lot of my social media posts and books are focused on becoming the best version of yourself,” Bloomer said.  “My greatest hope is that when people cross my path, they leave feeling better about life and themselves.”