AVON Books has released another page-turner by western romance author Jennifer Ryan: Waiting on a Cowboy. Here’s everything you need to know about the cowboy love story:


Tate McGrath: an independent cowboy and Liz Scott’s best friend…that is, until she starts avoiding him

Liz Scott: a cowgirl in love with Tate, but is tired of waiting for him to come around

Clint: Liz’s new beau, who might be more dangerous than he first appears


Tate and Liz have known each other since preschool and are almost inseparable. The pair rarely go a few days without seeing each other. Suddenly, Liz begins avoiding Tate, to his dismay. He doesn’t know what he’s done or why his best friend has become less than an acquaintance.

Liz, who has been harboring feelings for Tate, decides that she wants someone to love her as much as she loves him. While avoiding Tate, she finds herself a new man. Enter Clint.

Though Tate has always seen Liz as just a friend, her relationship with Clint triggers feelings that he didn’t know he had. And, Tate soon realizes that Clint might be more than just tough; he might be dangerous.

What to expect

Reviews of Waiting on a Cowboy imply that it’s not just your average romance. HarlequinJunkie.com wrote: “Hold on to your hats as you are about to start on a thrill ride to beat all thrill rides when you read this story.” Yeehaw!

Purchasing formats

Waiting on a Cowboy can be purchased in a variety of formats to allow customers to fit their reading style. It’s available in paperback, hardcover, and as an e-book. If you’re an audio book kind of cowgirl, you can even get the book as a digital audio file!

Where to buy

Jennifer Ryan’s Waiting on a Cowboy can be found at:

You won’t want to miss this romance-thriller! Learn more about the book and get it online now at harpercollins.com.