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Kingman And Spiny Oyster Ring, $299, Hippie Cowgirl C…

Turquoise will always be a classic addition to western jewelry. But there is something in the fiery reds, oranges and sometimes purples of spiny oyster that compliments the turquoise and adds the umph.

3 Stone Ring Size 7.5, $459, Hippie Cowgirl Couture.

For many years artists and jewelers have used the material colloquially called “spiny oyster” in their fine jewelry collections. This pop of orange comes from the shell of the mollusk, Spondylus varius. “Spondylus” means “spines on the back,” hence the “spiny oyster” nomenclature. They are also referred to as spondylus, spondylid and thorny oyster. Although, this “oyster” is much more closely related to species of scallops that the oyster. No matter the name, we know we love jewelry with the flamboyant pop of color!

Spiny Oyster Lariat Necklace, $1,299, Hippie Cowgirl Couture.

This flaming lariat necklace set is sure to set your heart on fire. Did you know the natural stripes seen on all the inlays is the natural contrast of the oyster shell? The shell is grated down during the jewelry-making process but the stripes remain. These are individual to each oyster.

Multi Colored Spiny Oyster Earrings, $259, Hippie Cowgirl Couture.

Orange, red and purple all over!  The colors of each oyster can range from light pink and yellow to brown. The color is dependent on the region in which the oyster is from. Different minerals in different regions cause change of color as the oyster forms. It is an oyster rainbow!

Spiny Oyster Earrings, $179, Hippie Cowgirl Couture.

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