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All photos by Raul Esparza.……

For the last few years, Amanda Kate Ferris has been living somewhere between “tequila and Jesus.” Playing shows in bars and clubs, and then coming home and spending time with her family. Her quiet time with her horses and family is where she finds Jesus these days, and enjoys time by the fire with good friends and a cocktail.

Her new music video for “Tequila and Jesus” is different than anything she’s done in the past. Amanda and her team took a totally different creative approach that lets the music and the message shine!

She explains, “We took a really raw approach. No glam team, no extra lights, or cameras, just me, some friends, and one camera, and ran around Fort Worth. We picked some of my favorite spots and I wanted to capture the overall mood of the song. I wanted the visuals to feel very Texas and there’s nothing more Texas than the Stockyards.”

“Take a minute to remember what really matters and that’s those around you, your friends, your family, your animals, and your faith,” Amanda says.  “I love the simple message of this song. I love the line in the song that says, “I don’t spend much time on a stool or in a pew these days, that ain’t where I get my saving grace.” It’s so true. I know the fans will love this because I think all of us are trying to find that balance.”

Additionally, Amanda is announcing her new EP Pedal Steel TOMORROW!

Pedal Steel Tracklist:

Baby Don’t – Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose, Lori McKenna
Tequila & Jesus – Lainey Wilson, Josh Thompson, Brent Anderson
When I Think About You – Luke Laird, Barry Dean, Lori McKenna
Pedal Steel – Autumn McEntire, Mae Estes, Paul Sikes
In This Town – Heather Morgan, Ross Copperman

These songs will honor Amanda’s Texas Country roots and captivating vocal while reflecting upon her Western influences, love of country music history, and authentic ranch lifestyle.