Cowgirl - Alola Clutches

Cowskulls and cactus. Need I say more? Nah, but I will, because I am crushing hard for these little clutches. Some of you may not be clutch people or maybe you just don’t see the point in one. I hear ya, the concept of always having to hold your bag in your hands instead of throwing it over your shoulder seems kind of stupid, but I’ve adapted and so can you. The best times to have a clutch is on girls trips. To the horse races, to the casino, to the beach, wherever you go, you don’t want to lug around that giant purse you carry your entire life in. Clutches are great for evenings out when all you need are the essentials, like your cell phone, lipstick and wallet. These clutches from Alola are so adorable and are a nice medium size. They are big enough that you won’t lose it after a few margaritas and small enough you won’t regret bringing it when you’re having to make long treks with your buds.

Doesn’t that make ya just want to plan a trip now? I need a reason to buy another handbag, so I guess I’ll get to it!

Cactus Print Canvas Leather Clutch