There are a few perks to living on a farm with one being that you can have livestock. Alpacas are a fun and unique animal to add to your herd. They produce incredibly soft and lush fleece. Their luxurious fur is knitted into sweaters, socks, and hats to name a few. These adorable animals also have quite the presence! They’ll definitely make you smile.

Alpacas Being Cute

How precious is this mom and her cria (baby alpaca).

All those different shades of cream and brown are beautiful to look at.

That face! Their eyes are so big and cute. This one almost looks like she’s smiling.

They’ve been known to keep horses company. These two at @barkston.alpacas are the perfect example of that!

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to hug one of these cuties. They’re so fluffy and soft!

I can’t get enough of this cuteness!

As mentioned, some of them make great companions to horses. If you’re in need of a herd mate, then consider adding two or three alpacas to your group.