Alycia Burton
Alycia Burton
Alycia soars over a jump bareback.

You might recognize Alycia Burton as the fearless rider that galloped across beaches bareback and without a bridle. She stunned horse lovers around the globe as she took her horse over huge jumps with only a lead rope around his neck. What fans might not know, is that Alycia’s background has helped her become such a great rider. She beat the odds and overcame a rough start in life!

Alycia grew up in a small rural town in New Zealand. She had to learn to do everything herself. She would frequently jump on horses bareback and ride on the beach as a young girl.

As she grew older, Alycia hit a rough patch and was having a hard time making sense of the world. Money was tight and alcohol was her best friend. It was when she found God that her misfortunes began to disappear. The church welcomed her with open arms.

With a fresh start, Alycia replaced what was bad in her life with good. That included packing up and leaving behind the toxic life of her past.

Over the next few years, she rehabilitated horses, gave lessons, and shod horses. As her success grew, she toured and began giving clinics. Her mission in life is now to help others achieve their goals. The sky’s the limit!

She’s a horse trainer, youth mentor, and world famous performer.

Currently, Alycia Burton is touring in the United States. For more information check out her website: FreeRiding NZ or follow her on Instagram @alycia_burton_freeridingnz. This remarkable woman has set out to change the lives of horse riders around the world!

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