Cowgirl - Amazing Anti Aging Products

After age 25 you start to realize going to bed in your make up every night and smearing tanning oil on your body while your baking in the sun probably isn’t going to cut it anymore if you want your skin to hold up nicely as you age. It certainly hit me this year. At age 26, I noticed splotchiness and wrinkles starting to show under my eyes and on my forehead and my friends were singing the same tune. Panic set in and I started researching and trying a jillion different anti-aging/firming products and YIKES, staying young is really hard on the wallet. Then I ran across an article about No.7 Serum. People were giving it rave reviews and then I saw it on the Today Show and thought, “okay, you can’t afford NOT to try it.”

Much to my surprise it was reasonable at $29.99 and after two weeks of use, I started to notice my skin feeling better, its a bit more luminous and holy smokes the tiny wrinkle I’ve been obsessing over on my forehead has decreased in size and noticeability. I’m not kidding. I passed on the wisdom to a few friends and my mother who is always complaining about this very wrinkle struggle and they all fell in love with it and noticed a difference too! Now I’ve added several No.7 products to my skincare routine and love each one more than the next.

Give it a try because frowning from spending too much money causes wrinkles, you know? 🙂

No. 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum – $29.99