As the sisters grew up with their parents having a strong military background; discipline and pride in their work ethic seemed to be the forefront of their passion both in and out of the arena.

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The sisters we are talking about are Aleeyah and Savannah Roberts. Two girls from Colorado trailblazing their way through the western industry making a name for themselves by their incredible athleticism, horsemanship and passion.

They caught the eye of famous singer Mel B aka Scary Spice from Spice Girls and her friends as they set out on an adventure called, “Trailblazers: A Rocky Mountain Road Trip” based on the history of Isabella Bird, a female explorer who broke the conventions of her time living as a rancher in the Rocky Mountains. The episode featuring Aleeyah and Savannah, called “Black Women in Rodeo” gave us a glimpse into their lives.

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Savannah was asked in a past interview, what makes her so good at the sport? “She says it comes down to the horse, ‘I try to have a strong bond with my horse. We don’t do barrels 24/7. Sometimes I just take him out in the pasture and do different things so he doesn’t get bored.'” It takes a lot of love and heart to have a good relationship with your horse, especially since the trust needs to be there.

“You have Isabella 150 years ago riding horseback and you have Aleeyah and Savannah here today, doing exactly the same thing. They’re trailblazers.”

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“To me being a cowgirl is what’s in your heart. It’s how far you’ll go to take care of your horses and how much you care about being a good competitor – not just the fastest competitor but the most professional one and a humble one. Many times in the past, I’ve sat kids down at rodeos and told them: it’s not about how you look, it’s about what you do, how you think, how you treat people – because cowboys and cowgirls are supposed to be people that talk to everyone the same and treat people the way they’re supposed to be treated. To me it’s a respect term.”- Aleeyah

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Aleeyah went on stating, “Black women have come along way to be in rodeo…Even when women were allowed in barrel racing, people of color in general were not allowed and thats kind of the reason there are black rodeos. Those were created for black cowboys and cowgirls to thrive because we couldn’t in a regular rodeo.” She goes on by stating that she is the “only one in here thats like this” after running. But she and her sister have held their own in competitions and truly have become an inspiration for other young women looking to find their confidence and drive to continue following their dreams while competing in rodeo.

Among their many trophies and awards, Aleeyah and Savannah the girls have had fantastic careers in the rodeo industry, running in the winning Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo, which has meant the most to them. There have been other significant winnings specifically for Savannah, including the Womens Barrel Racing Championship and the Junior Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

We are truly inspired by their humbleness and passion for the sport and cannot wait to continue watching them on rodeo road as they trail blaze their way down in history.

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