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Most know Amber Marshall as Heartland‘s star, Amy Fleming. In the series, she plays a talented horse trainer who grew up on the ranch. In real life, she’s also a horse lover and farm owner. When she isn’t filming, Amber is busy working her ranch and riding horses. This keeps her quite busy!

Amber Marshall’s Off Screen Farm

Amber’s ranch is located in Alberta. The winters can be intense! Check out her horses enjoying the snow.

She has all sorts of animals, including rabbits, cows, alpacas, and more!

When the weather is warmer, Amber likes to explore some beautiful locations on horseback.

Her husband also likes to ride! They celebrated 9 years married this past summer.

Amber published her 2nd children’s book last year. Not only is she a talented actress, but she’s a good writer too! It appears her farm adventures inspired her book.

From hanging out with her farm animals to riding horses with her husband, Amber sure does live a busy live outside of acting. Follow her adventures @amber_marshall_farm!