@amber_marshall_farm on Instagram……

Heartland‘s Amber Marshall is a real-life cowgirl, and has the animals to prove it! Amber Marshall’s animals get into some crazy/adorable shenanigans. This is the Instagram content we need.

When some besties shared space on the couch

When it was just plain time for a nap

When some furry siblings didn’t want to share their dinner

When Tuff was preparing for his birthday

When some tough love made Phoenix become a house rooster

When farm friendship knew no bounds

When Amber’s “favorite in the coup” showed off his feathers

When some big ol’ rabbit snuggles were just what Amber needed

When post-bathtime was the perfect photo opp

When Mouzer’s rodent hunting perch put him on top of a fence

Amber Marshall’s animals are almost too sweet for this world. Thank goodness for all the animal pics she posts on Instagram!

Recently, the cowgirl headed to snowy Ontario for some winter fun. Hopefully she stayed warm!

Next up for Amber? Hopefully more Heartland!