Amber Marshall isn’t just a rider on the TV series, Heartland. She’s a real life farm girl with lots of animals. Her ranch has a mix of horses, cattle, chickens, dogs and more! What’s life like on this ranch? Amber lets her fans follow along on her Instagram @amber_marshall_farm. Don’t miss the action!

Amber’s Home Ranch Has Been Busy!

Little Talon (AKA Monty on Heartland) is getting clean!

Just a jersey and horse hanging out in the snow!

It’s a lazy day for the cats on Amber’s ranch!

Does this dog look familiar? It’s Remi from Heartland!

Amber’s rabbit enjoying a tasty treat!

Sweetpea the turkey wanted to say hello.

Can you spot the alpaca and highland in this picture?

As you can see this star has quite a variety of animals! It’s everyday fun and hard work on her ranch.