amberley snyder
Photo by Ken Amorosano. Hair and makeup by Julie Koeth.……

Did you catch it? Amberley Snyder was on Yellowstone!

The barrel racer, sporting her signature braid, can first be seen being lifted onto her horse by her brother, while her mother holds Power. Then, after a brief conversation between Yellowstone regulars, Amberley turns some barrels!

Amberley is used as an example of what determination can do. Jimmy is worried he’ll end up in a wheelchair and won’t be able to rodeo anymore, but is shown the fabulous Amberley Snyder tearing up the dirt.

Amberley shared the full scene on her Instagram:

Her were thrilled to see Amberley Snyder featured on Yellowstone; just look at the comments on her post!

Yellowstone has been super in tune with the rodeo world lately. Amberley wasn’t the only rodeo athlete to be featured on this season. Bareback riders Tilden Hooper and Rocker Steiner along with steer wrestler Sid Steiner all made appearances on Yellowstone in August.

Now that we know they’re sneaking in some real cowboys and cowgirls, we’ll have to keep a sharp eye out to see who they feature next!