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If you keep up with barrel racer and motivational speaker Amberley Snyder, you might have been surprised at who she rode at Xtreme Reunion. Lately, she’s been riding her horse, Legacy, but she broke Power out of retirement this weekend instead.
Unfortunately, Legacy came down with pneumonia on the way to Oklahoma, reports Amberley, so Power stepped in to take his place. Bringing Power out of retirement was moving and educational for Amberley, as she hasn’t ridden him in competition in many a moon.


“It was rewarding to be reminded of multiple things being back on Power,” said Amberley. “One, I was reminded of my capabilities. Power being the last horse I trained before my accident and the first one I got back into competing again. That I really am capable of making a consistent horse!
“Two, reminded why we do what we do. Because we love it! He wasn’t the fastest horse there nor even made money, but he tried! He showed up to work and exceeded my expectation!
“Three, the Littles don’t care how I do. They were mesmerized by Power and I as we warmed up, ran, walked out, stood at the trailer and even rubbed him down. They just thought it was the coolest thing they’d ever seen!”

Amberley and Power didn’t win at Xtreme Reunion, but the experience was overly meaningful overall for the barrel racer and her powerful companion!
“We ran a 15.9 the second day. 15.2 won it that day. So middle of the 2D,” says Amberley. “He ran a little rusty the first day, tipped second leaving it. I had to make a new game plan and evaluate how to ride him better. We did that and the second day were on the same page and worked together! Such a fun team we can be! We didn’t win nor even ran our personal best, but we did run as the team we have been multiple times over!”
Amberley posted a video of her and Power on Instagram following the competition.

And Power isn’t done yet; Amberley and Power will be back in action this coming weekend at Xtreme Million.