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Photo courtesy of @laurenandersonphoto ……

Amberley Snyder posted a very powerful photo on Instagram that should inspire everyone.

“✨Someone is praying for what you have ✨

“Focus on the good. Your Joy, peace, and comfort. Find a reason to smile. Share your happiness 🌼

“I promise there will always be someone wishing they had your life, your challenges and your blessings. They wish they could be you. 

“You were given your life for a reason. God gave it to you and will continue to guide you through it. Lean on your loved ones and pray for the strength to be thankful for what you have been given. Your life is still a blessing, not just for you, but for others around you. Love the life you’re in ✨” -Amberley Snyder

Photo courtesy of @laurenandersonphoto