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All photos by Anouk Masson Kranz.……

Family, integrity, community, faith, and hard work. These principles are the driving force in the heart of the cowboy. In her newest title, American Cowboys, photographer Anouk Masson Kranz journeys solo across America where she shares the intimate lives and families of this private, elusive icon of the American West.

Through her lens, Anouk’s photographs invite viewers into the world of the American cowboy. In the heartland of the West, Anouk captured both cowboys and cowgirls – young and old, Black, White and Native American. Her contemporary perspective of cowboy culture provides an inspiring homage to the American pioneering spirit and its enduring strength that is alive and well in today’s modern world.

With a foreword by writer-director-producer Taylor Sheridan of hit show Yellowstone and contributions from country star Jon Pardi and Vice President and General Manager of Hearst’s Western Properties, Stephen T. Hearst, American Cowboy is a remarkable story that any admirer of the Western lifestyle will love.

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