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Chelsey from American Feathers has released her newest feather design: the Night Ops!  

“Everyone has a story, but some are not always easy to tell. The American Night Ops design is subtle yet striking, with the quiet professional in mind. This design embodies the characteristics of those that don’t say much, but when they do everyone listens. This American Feather is just as comfortable attending a black tie event as it is at a rodeo. It will catch your eye and make people look twice. It has a bit of mystery in it’s confident presence. The American Night Ops Feather is a new version of the Original Classic American Feather that I created in honor of my late husband and Navy SEAL, Tyler Stimson. It is my hope that every feather painted is an opportunity to share his memory and to pay forward the healing experience of sharing the story behind YOUR American Feather. Honor them by living.” -Chelsey, American Feathers

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