This breed is known for their distinctive coat patterns.……

It’s hard not to notice an American Paint Horse. Most have loud coloring that makes them stand out in a crowd. You can find this breed in a variety of disciples, especially western events. When looking for your next horse, a Paint may be the perfect option. Check out these neat facts and you’ll see why!

10 Facts About Paints

They come in a variety of colors.

1. They have a base color with white spots. Some people assume they’re white with colored spots, but that isn’t the case. Paint horses carry a special gene that causes the white patterning.

2. Every Paint horse has unique markings and patterns. It’s very unlikely that you’ll find two with the exact same coloring.

3. Not every horse with spots is a Paint! In order to quality, the horse has to have Quarter Horse, Paint or Thoroughbred lineage. Those with spots can be classified as pintos though.

4. The breed is incredibly popular with over 1 million registered animals worldwide.

5. They’re well known for their calmness and obedient nature. Many beginners learn to ride on one of these spotted beauties!

Every Paint horse has unique markings.

6. Their eyes can be different colors. Some may have the typical brown eyes, while others have blue eyes or one of each!

7. From barrel racing to jumpers, you can find this breed in almost any discipline. They usually have a stocky, muscular built that allows them to compete in many areas.

8. The American Paint Horse Association was created in the early 1960s for spotted, stock-type horses.

9. Overo and tobiano are the two dominate patterns found in this breed. The main different between the two is the position of the white coloring.

10. Some have even appeared in major movies, such as Hidalgo.

Do you have a Paint horse? If so, what’s your favorite thing about them?