Amy Wilson interviews Jackie Crawford at RFD-TV's The American. Photo by Ken Amorosano.……

For COWGIRL‘s May/June cover, cowgirl Amy Wilson is fully decked out in jewelry brand Hippie Cowgirl Couture, known for its large-and-in-charge turquoise pieces. Exhibit A:

And they don’t have just turquoise! These bracelets and rings have all the colors of the Southwestern rainbow:


From squash blossoms to Zuni pieces, HCC has it all.

Amy Wilson even wore some of their turquoise at RFD-TV’s The American this year!

Amy Wilson interviews Jackie Crawford at RFD-TV’s The American.

For more from Hippie Cowgirl Couture, visit their website, and be sure to read Amy Wilson’s cover feature by Susan L. Ebert.