An equine chiropractor focuses on the skeletal structure of a horse. They manually make adjustments to bring the horse’s body back into proper alignment. Because horses are ridden, certain parts of their body are under extra pressure. They can begin to act out when something is uncomfortable. A chiropractor can evaluate the situation!

A Chiropractor in Action

Dr. Joren Whitley is an equine chiropractor. He created a short video to show others how he identifies areas of discomfort for the horse and how he treats them safely. This can include making adjustments to the tail, jaw, back, and legs of the horse.

Depending on the discipline you ride your horse, they may experience ‘problem areas’. Those that run barrels or jump may have more shoulder issues or lower back problems. It can be helpful to have a professional work on them and relieve any discomfort. Your horse is an athlete. Their body needs proper maintenance to function at its best!

Behavioral issues can come up when your horse feels pain. They may start to avoid using their body correctly or get aggressive when the saddle comes out. Always look for the root cause before assuming your horse is just being bad.