Angelone Wins Reno

Breakaway ropers from across the nation made the trek to Reno, Nevada to compete for the coveted Silver Spurs and their piece of the record-setting $730,000 total payout. It was a week of fierce competition and quick catches; but when the dust settled, it was Martha Angelone of Stephenville, Texas who came out on top.

Angelone roped sharp all week, but it was her quick catch in 2.7 seconds in the final round that pushed her to the top. Angelone roped three calves in 8.2 seconds to become the second-ever Reno Rodeo Breakaway champion. The Texas cowgirl expressed her excitement after her victory, “It’s such an awesome feeling to win such a cool rodeo, we (breakaway ropers) never thought we’d get to get to rope here and it’s awesome to have the opportunity”. This big win has moved Angelone into third place in the WPRA world standings. With this win, she looks to continue this momentum and win big over the Fourth of July run.

Photo Credit @taylor_munsell on Instagram

The Reno Rodeo was jammed packed with world champion veterans and tenacious rookies alike, hoping to start their summer run off strong. World champion, Lari Dee Guy came in second in the final round with a 2.9-second run. Taylor Munsell also roped a pair of 2.7s during the week to start her summer strong.

Munsell’s summer is just starting to heat up, as her #1 horse, Monster is coming back from an eight-month break. Munsell expressed her excitement to have her main mount back and feeling great as they head into the summer run. Munsell also expressed how important these big rodeos are, as their payouts have a large impact on the world standings.

Anticipation and excitement fill the air of rodeo arenas across the country, as breakaway ropers embark on their Fourth of July run in hopes of qualifying for the National Finals Breakaway Roping. When asked where ropers were most excited to run, Angelone said it best- “All of them, we’re just excited to get to go to as many as we can”!