Left photo courtesy of @ironorchard_cattleco on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of @junkloveboutique…

Your office should be home to productivity and motive. As you step through the door, the room should whisper, “let’s do this!” The best way to do that is to create a welcoming environment, decorated to your liking!

If you’re spending your days in an office, let’s western-ize the room and create a space where you want to work!

The desk space is simple, without any clutter, yet, still holds everything you could want! Print of a cow? Check. All the wood? Check. Barrel racing trophy? Check. Remember, this is your space to decorate how you want!

With any office, you’ll need a comfy chair, of course! Might as well make it cowhide!

Speaking of cowhide! Let’s add a cowhide rug to the floor! How motivating is it to have all your awards proudly displayed next to you! Don’t forget to grab those old pair of leggins to decorate the wall! Oh, the stories those could tell behind you as you work!

We agree! Give us allllll the Yellowstone vibes! We are talking hats and deer heads on the wall, vinyl player in the corner, Navajo rug on the floor, all the wood, and a comfy chair! Hand us a pen and let’s get to work in here!

As remote jobs and side hustles become increasingly popular, it is important to give yourself space to work. It’s even more important to make that room to your taste, so you’ll want to be in there. With all this office inspiration, we are ready to decorate!