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Heartland recently announced that Ziya Matheson, who plays Katie, will not be returning and Baye McPherson will be stepping into the role. It looks like another young cast member will be joining the show this season!

Photo courtesy of Heartland.

Drew Davis will be playing 17-year old Logan. The show shared, “Logan is a 17-year-old troubled soul who masks his insecurity with cocky bravado. He’s a moody rebel to whom everything is a joke. He can be a naturally charismatic ring leader at times, but coolly disinterested and detached at others. But all of his coolness is a front. Underneath, he takes things very seriously with intense emotions just under the surface. Logan has a gift that he doesn’t even know about until he meets Amy.”

We wonder what his gift will be! Can you guess? We can’t wait for October 17!