antique farmhouse holiday decor

Still haven’t decorated for the holidays? Antique Farmhouse has got you covered, and then some. Get your dining room into the holiday spirit with these gorgeous ideas from Antique Farmhouse!

Take rustic decor into the holiday realm with lots of off-white, tin, and red ribbons.

The dine-in kitchen featured on Antique Farmhouse is decked out in red and green with pine garlands and wreaths, red ribbons and pillows, and even some tiny Santas.

Here’s another way to holiday-up your chairs with wreaths.

Ribbons seem to be a theme here! Love these Buffalo plaid bows at Uffelman Homestead.

Bows and wreaths not quite your thing? Try out stockings instead!


Garland isn’t just for trees! Woldenga Family Farms added some holiday cheer to their kitchen by hanging garland from their light fixtures.

Go slightly more subtle with a small crystal garland and a potted pine.



Hopefully Antique Farmhouse gave you some holiday dinner decor inspo!

Now that you’ve decorated, you’ll need some gifts.