antler chandelier cowgirl magazine

Good lighting is essential for any space. Even if you rely on natural light during the day, the lighting at night or on dreary days is a key part of good design. Set the vibe of your space for success with a properly placed antler chandelier.

This masculine office has high ceilings and black walls which really make this neutral fixture pop.



A stone bathroom balances modern and rustic charm perfectly. The angled ceiling draws your eyes up, towards the stunning antlers.



Sometimes it’s okay to match your lighting fixture to your dining table. This traditional dining room has just a touch of farmhouse charm.



This tack room has some serious Ralph Lauren vibes. Although the entire room embraces equestrian style for english riders, the chandelier brings balance to the space.



If you have a large space, try adding two antler light fixtures. This large cabin has a lot of places for your eyes to wander to. The antlers above the dining table demand your eyes attention.