Photo by: Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue……

Appalachia | Last Chance Rescue is based on the efforts of Heart of Phoenix. This equine rescue is a non-profit organization in West Virginia. The number of abused and abandoned horses in this area has skyrocketed. They are here to do something about it!

Each year the horses that are rescued are sent to various trainers. They’re evaluated and rehabilitated. Eventually, these rescued horses are auctioned off to new owners at the Appalachian Trainer Face-off. Buyers must have an approved application, in order to bid. This program has helped tons of horses end up in wonderful homes!

It’s not always easy though! Rescuing and retraining horses that have been abused comes with risks and dangers. These feral animals are trying to do all that they know- survive. Appalachia is a docuseries that follows their journey, including the ups and downs.

It can be streamed on Horse.TV. Currently, there are three episodes. Check out the exciting trailer!

In order to help these beautiful horses, more awareness needs to be spread. Hopefully, this series will do that and more!