Sometimes, breeders cross two of their favorite horse breeds in order to get the best of both. The Appendix horse could be an example of this. A few others you may be familiar with are the Morab, National Show Horse, and Friesian Sporthorse. The ideal foal maintains a few qualities of each breed.

The Definition

An Appendix is basically the foal of a registered Quarter horse crossed with a registered Thoroughbred. This first-generation foal can be registered with the American Quarter Horse Association if an application is submitted ahead of time for the Thoroughbred parent.

Foals may also be eligible for registration with the American Appendix Horse Association. They allow second generation Appendix horses and Paint crosses.


The ideal Appendix has qualities from both its sire and dam. Some of the desirable Quarter horse traits include quiet temperament, strong work-ethic, sturdy built, good cow sense, and versatility. The Thoroughbred breed is known for their speed, slender frame, and bold personalities.

An Appendix horse is the best of both breeds. They are found on ranches, in the show world, and as everyday riding horses. This common cross can be seen in nearly every discipline.

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