It’s recommended to bring your phone on a trail ride. You never know what could happen from getting lost to a horse or rider injury. There are helpful apps that can make your trail ride not only more safe, but fun. You can discover new trails, track the distance you rode, and set goals!

Trail Riding Apps

1. EQUITrail

This one is the ultimate trail riders app! It’s available in the Apple store. Create and save the trails you ride on. You can also explore local paths and save your favorite ones. Share them with your barn buddies, so they can enjoy them too!

2. Horse Riding Tracker

Available for iPhones and Apple Watches, this app tracks your distance and duration each ride. You can even see a map of the path you took. Once back in the barn, you can see how long your horse moved in each gait.

3. Equilab

Capture every moment of your ride with this app. You can get it through the Apple store or Google Play. Some of its features include monitoring your horse’s gait, beat, and stride, tracking your progress, sharing your position with a friend or spouse, and organizing your rides.

Who’s ready to get out there and have a fun ride?!?