Spring western fashion trend floral prints
Spring Trends: Floral Prints……

Spring western fashion trend floral prints

Temperatures everywhere are warming up, birds are chirping, and Springtime fashions are starting to flood into retailers and social media pages alike. While many of the traditional Spring trends such as pastel colors, white blazers, and wedge sandals hold steady and remain timeless, this year, floral prints seem to be popping up everywhere we turn.

“Ole Heavens to Betsey” Mustard & Purple Floral Crushed Velvet Overalls from Lil’ Bees Bohemian (Photo by Li’ Bees Bohemian).

Velvet fabric was a major player throughout the colder months and has hung on as a cornerstone in much of what is popular coming into Spring. This bright mustard and purple velvet pair of overalls is a great choice for spring. Versatility is key, not only can they be worn as overalls, but as wide leg trousers with a sassy slit on each side paired with your favorite top or blazer. The colors are vibrant and really stick to the seasonal trend while allowing for an edgier daytime or nighttime look.

Maxi rompers have also been a major player in the fashion game and continue to be a favorite. Depending on where you live, the weather can be unpredictable or stay in the cooler temperatures for longer. A maxi romper is a great choice for Spring and again, includes a major degree of versatility.

Floral Maxi Romper from CCTX Boutique (Photo by Chancie Petty/CCTX Boutique)

This fun floral maxi romper is the perfect combination of springtime and class. The light lace edging gives it a feminine accent and it can be worn alone or with your favorite jacket or blazer. Dress it up with heels for that Springtime wedding or pair it with your favorite Western Boots for a casual, yet chic feel.

If you prefer separates, look no further than this navy and white floral maxi skirt with a feminine and classy slit that will show off your favorite boots! Paired with denim, your favorite concho belt, and a cowhide bag, it sticks to classic with a fun springtime edge. Kimonos have also been a staple in the Industry and arent going anywhere any time soon. They are a great addition to any look and can be worn with just about anything. The lightweight fabric keeps you cool, even in toasty temperatures, while the floorlength fabric will show off your favorite floral print for the season.

Adrian “The Buckaroo Girl” Brannan, Boots: Old Gringo, Purse: Holy Cow Couture, Floral Skirt: Forever 21, Concho Belt: Ranch Royalty (Photo: Adrian Brannan).

No matter if you live in the North, South, East, or West Spring is on it’s bright and sunny way bringing April showers and May flowers. Floral prints are here to stay and will be popping up like daisies at boutiques and retailers nationwide. Find your favorite, add your own style to it, and be ready for warmer temperatures and sunny days!

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