For the first time in equine breed association history, the American Quarter Horse and American Paint Horse associations are partnering in a two-year strategic alliance. This collaboration of resources and expertise, which will touch animal welfare, youth development, data sharing, promotional activities and events, will help brighten the future of the equine community and heighten the value of riding and competing with AQHA- and APHA-registered horses.

With the help of visionary elected leadership from both associations, horse enthusiasts from around the globe will be the beneficiaries of this alliance for years to come.

“This agreement opens the doors for both associations to work together in areas of mutual benefit,” said Melanie Cox-Dayhuff, APHA president.

“It’s an exciting time when two, like-minded, strong equine associations can partner for the benefit of our industry, our members and our horses,” said Dr. Scott Myers, AQHA president.

The partnership will focus on:

  • Animal welfare
  • Youth development
  • Data collaboration to enhance horse records for owners
  • Cross-promotional opportunities
  • Event collaboration

“Each organization has strengths that complement the other,” said Billy Smith, APHA executive director. “This partnership reaffirms our longstanding history of reciprocity in disciplinary proceedings and sets parameters for data sharing between the world’s two largest equine breed registries, while opening new opportunities that will benefit stock-horse enthusiasts overall.”

“The American Quarter Horse industry is in growth mode, as seen through year-over-year increases in AQHA memberships, registrations and transfers, and this alliance is an opportunity to work with a fellow industry leader to continue those efforts to grow not only AQHA, but the equine industry as a whole,” said Karl Stressman, AQHA chief executive officer. “AQHA’s mission includes preserving the pedigree of the American Quarter Horse while maintaining the integrity of the breed and welfare of its horses. This alliance will support those efforts, while also providing value through educational opportunities, event collaboration, promotional activities and more!”

Upcoming Event Collaboration

The American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA) invites American Junior Paint Horse Association (AjPHA) leadership to participate in the 2022 AQHYA Youth Excellence Seminar, slated for July 12-14 in Amarillo. Additionally, AQHYA members will have opportunities to participate at AjPHA events and activities in 2022.

AQHA will also sponsor portions of APHA’s successful Cowgirl Gathering, which is rapidly becoming a premier location for the world’s greatest cowgirls to assemble, compete and talk about the future of cowgirl events.

More information will be released as AQHA and APHA move forward with their endeavors to enhance the priorities of the strategic alliance.

(Courtesy of AHP).