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The American Quarter Horse Association is proud to announce a partnership with Of The West, the official job platform of AQHA. Of The West is a multi-faceted platform focused on bringing together job seekers, employers, services, and tradespeople serving all areas of the agriculture and western industries.

“We are so excited to partner with Of The West to connect job-seeking AQHA members with western and agriculture-based businesses that are seeking employees,” said Patty Tiberg, AQHA Chief Marketing, and Business Development Officer. “The future of the western and agricultural industries is highly dependent upon recruiting and retaining top-notch talent and we want to connect AQHA members who may be seeking jobs with businesses seeking employees.”

Of The West will offer AQHA members:

  • 10% Discount for AQHA members to post available positions 
  • Email from Of The West to all AQHA members who enroll with Of The West with equine industry job availabilities and industry updates.
  • Resources for AQHYA members to find internship and hands-on experience opportunities. 

In addition to providing discounts to AQHA members, Of The West will also work to create more awareness of future career opportunities in the American Quarter Horse industry for AQHA members and AQHYA members. 

“We are very honored to be forging a partnership with the American Quarter Horse Association,” said Jessie Jarvis, Of The West Founder and CEO. “Jobs play a critical role in the future of agriculture and western industries. Through this partnership, we will not only be able to connect more employers and job seekers within agriculture and western industries, but it will also allow us to continue our work to educate younger generations on the variety of career opportunities that can be found in the American Quarter Horse industry, and help to retain them as tomorrow’s leaders.”

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