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Horses grazing near a creek. Photo by David Schertz.……

It’s one thing to get approved to adopt a mustang through the BLM and another thing to be able to tame one. Essentially, the BLM requires a proper facility and horse trailer. There’s a lot more that goes into owning a wild mustang though. You need experience and a deep understanding of how these horses think and communicate.

Recommendations for Adopting a Mustang

  • Time! Mustangs take a lot of time and effort.
  • The proper facility to house and train a wild horse.
  • Experience with handling, riding, and training horses.
  • You must understand that horses have their own way of communicating. You should be able to pick up on their body language.
  • You should be an assertive leader. Those too aggressive or passive will struggle!
  • A love for ground work. Be ready to do a lot of it!
  • Be prepared for the financial commitment of a horse.

Britta from the Project Equestrian shares what it takes to gentle mustangs. She has tons of great videos on her YouTube channel on training these wild horses.

Adopting a wild mustang is an exciting adventure! Make sure you’re ready for the commitment. It’ll take more than just a desire. You’ll need experience, time, and the proper resources.