Often, horse riders get so focused on achieving goals that they lose sight of how much fun riding can be. It can be easy to relax and have a good time out on the trails, but what about in the arena… Are you able to enjoy your horse there? Get the most out of your ring time by spicing things up. And here’s how!

1. It’s time for some music: Whether you put on your headphones or turn up a stereo, music can be a lot of fun! Some songs just make you want to smile and sing along. This can be extremely relaxing while riding. Try to match your horse’s tempo to the beat of the music for an interesting challenge!

2. Add some obstacles: Cones, poles, and trail obstacles can change things up quite a bit. Even your horse is likely to join in with this excitement. For those really adventurous individuals, a few small jumps will definitely get your heart pumping.

3. Ride with a friend: Sometimes, just having another person to chit-chat with in the arena can make all the difference. You both can cheer each other on and take turns practicing something difficult.

4. Shapes and figures: There’s loops, circles, squares, and figure eights… These are a great way to test you and your horse’s abilities. Give yourself a challenge by incorporating transitions into each pattern.

5. Focus on a goal: Sometimes, riding without a purpose can be boring. You may just need to set yourself a realistic goal to accomplishment. It’s exciting when you reach your target!

Riding in the arena doesn’t have to be boring. You can make it fun by trying some of these ideas!

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