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As much as we might all hate to admit it, there are simply some days where boots just aren’t cutting it. Whether you’re just really wanting to be comfortable, you’re on your way to work out, or you’re running errands around town, the Ariat Fuse is a must-have for you. They are still pretty new to the western market, but they’re taking off. The fun and vibrant patterns are so much better than anything I’ve seen from your typical sports brands. Pink Serape Mesh – $99.95; Purple Serape Mesh – $99.95; Cactus Rose – $99.95; Black Lace – $99.95; Rainbow Serape Mesh – $99.95; Blazing Yellow – $99.95; Neon Pink Mesh – $99.95; Van Gogh Garden – $99.95; Grey Snake Mesh – $99.95; Salt and Pepper – $99.95; You know what looks great with a comfy tennis shoe? A comfy trouser jean! Check them out here!