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World-class design and craftsmanship mean every Ariat boot is built to last. Ariat Reboot makes it easy to sell and shop pre-owned, helping boots stay where they belong: in the stirrup, on the ranch, or by the door, waiting for their next adventure.

Reselling your boots not only keeps them out of landfills—it also gives someone else a chance to love them. Looking for a new-to-you pair? Preloved just means worn in, not out.

“Our boots are meant to live long lives. By reselling your boots, you’re not just making a sale, you’re connecting them to a new owner—someone who will be able to get every last bit of adventure out of them.” -Ariat

“We strive to make really beautiful products that last forever. That’s part of our heritage, and it’s what people expect of our brand,” she said. “We’ve always prioritized choosing the right materials that will last, but we also offer a lot of how-to videos on ways to extend the life of your boots to keep them looking beautiful.” -Roxanne Woodward, Ariat Director of Compliance and Sustainability

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