Arizona Salt River Wild Horses Cowgirl Magazine
Photo courtesy of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

If you’re planning on becoming a highway vagabond and traveling to Arizona in the near future, you need to make a pitstop at this gorgeous destination. What place could I be talking about? Surely the Grand Canyons? Nope! Maybe the tourist town of Sedona? Getting colder!

The destination I am talking about is the beautiful Salt River. Located just outside of Mesa, Arizona, this spot is perfect for cowgirls to visit! Why? Because the Salt River Wild Horses are known to make frequent appearances along the river. This famous group of mustangs has drawn in fans from around the globe who are captivated by both the mystery and beauty these animals display.

Photo taken by myself, Stacey Lorton.

While visitors are not supposed to get within 20 feet of these horses, there are plenty of safe ways to see them without interfering in their day to day routine.

Last week, I had the chance to go paddleboarding on the Salt River. During my paddleboard excursion, I came across a stunning group of wild horses who were enjoying the cool river water. Let me just say to all of you cowgirls, there is nothing like being surrounded by beautiful nature, soaking up the sun, and watching a group of mustangs do their thing. It’s an experience that can’t be replicated.

Besides paddleboarding, there are trail rides, boat and kayak rentals, and tubing for an adventurous spirit to enjoy. Don’t hesitate, plan a trip to the Salt River!