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Photos by Tony Andrew.……

Deployed to Afghanistan at the age of 18, Zach “Crash” Thomas needed a way to find himself again after his return to the States.

“I was struggling with my reintegration after military into civilian life,” Zach says.

After seeing a Facebook video of a bronc rider, he felt he had found his calling.

“That looks terrifying. I think I’d like to try that,” he said of the video.

Once he rode, he was hooked. Then, one bad ride gave him a concussion, a fractured pelvis, and a broken back, among other injuries.

With the injuries he sustained, doctors said he wouldn’t ride again for a year. He was back on a bronc in four months.

Thomas’ resilience to return to life after Afghanistan and love for his sport kept him going, and Zach Thomas still rides today.


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