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Country-pop newcomer Ashlyn Marie is releasing her new single “Blind Horse Blues” this Friday and we cannot wait for y’all to hear it! The Clemson University performing arts voice major drew inspiration from The Blind Horse Saloon, a honky tonk bar in her hometown of Greenville, SC.

“This bar has seen a lot of big names in country music and is the old stomping grounds of my mom and aunt when they were younger,” she says. “I started writing this song in January of 2021 after a wild weekend with my friends at the Blind Horse. The hook “Friday, Saturday, Sunday Blindhorse Blues” came to me first, and the first verse came pretty easily after that.”

Surprisingly, Ashlyn wasn’t going through a breakup when she wrote “Blind Horse Blues”! “I actually had just heard Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” at the time and decided I wanted to write a breakup song,” she recalls. “When I wrote the first verse and chorus, I heard it in a major key and more country than anything. It wasn’t until a co-writing session with Hope Douds that it became a darker, minor key. In the studio with Brandon Manley, he brought a whole new tone to it- marrying the lines of pop and country that I had never imagined possible.”

Every town has that one place that they hold near and dear to their heart through the years. Ashlyn hopes that people feel good when listening to this record, like that moment you get over someone and realize that everything is gonna be alright.

Ashlyn fell in love with the beat the second she heard it, and so did we! Make sure you connect with Ashlyn, she loves hearing from her fans, friends, and our COWGIRL family!