Safety first!

No one wants to get kicked by a horse. In fact, it can be very dangerous! By learning a few safety tips, you can avoid being kicked. It’s important you know how to interact and maneuver around your horse. Follow these tips to be safe at the barn!

1. Learn your horse’s body language: Are you able to tell when your horse is upset or frightened? You don’t want to get in a situation where you trap a nervous horse. They could lash out with a kick. Furthermore, watch out for signs like pinned ears, a squishing tail, hoof lifting off the ground, shaking, white in the eyes showing, and a raised head.

2. Desensitize your horse: They should be comfortable with being touched on their bodies, legs, and hooves. If you brush up against your horse’s belly, do they panic or ignore it? Many sensitive horses will kick out when they are touched in a uncomfortable or ticklish spot.

3. Careful around feed time: Some horses become more aggressive around feeding time. They may be trying to lash out at another horse but get you in the process! Try to avoid being in the middle of the herd when they’re getting ready to eat grain or hay.

4. Walking behind a horse: Most riders have heard the safety tip to avoid walking behind a horse. It’s a good one to practice!

5. Let them know where you are: Especially when grooming or tacking, place one hand on your horse as you move around. This way they know where you are even if you get in their blind spot.

These safety tips should be followed by everyone at your barn. Getting kicked can be life-threatening. Don’t take chances!