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With soaring temperatures and high humidity, your horse is at risk for heat stress. These summer days have a way of zapping you and your horse’s energy. It’ll leave you both sweaty and miserable, if you’re not careful. Heat stress and heat stroke are serious equine emergencies you don’t want to mess with!

How to Avoid Heat Stress

  1. Reduce your horse’s exposure to long hours of sunlight by offering them a run-in shelter or stall to escape to.
  2. Ride in the early morning or evening hours. It’s best to avoid intense, mid-day workouts when the temperature and humidity are high.
  3. Shorten your rides on days that are very hot. You might even go for a wooded trail ride instead.
  4. Make sure your barn is well ventilated and perhaps offer a fan for further airflow.
  5. Your horse needs access to cool drinking water throughout the day! You might even need to add an electrolyte supplement to encourage water consumption.
  6. If you must transport, choose the early morning hours. You’ll want to open all the windows or use a stock trailer.
  7. Clip horses with longer hair. Some ponies and those with Cushing’s disease struggle to shed their entire coat.

Your horse will be better off if you utilize these tips this summer! You should still know the Top Signs Of Heat Stress In Horses though. It’s best to catch it right away.