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Azulado Boots are made to withstand the most rugged Southwestern terrain and are designed to provide easy style reminiscent of the beauty of its stoic people, enduring wildlife and the peace found in its nature. 

Azulado translates as the nickname, “Bluey,” which means to be shaped through old rivalries in the long history of making boots in Old Mexico. Azulado is sometimes heard as “a su lado,” Spanish for “by your side.” A good pair of dependable boots by your side makes even a challenging situation into a great memory. 

Azulado is a perspective, a dedication to hard work and values of the American Southwest. 
Clear, confident, and to the point. Boots are a tool, first and foremost.

Cowboy boots are not just a piece of footwear – they are that and more. For decades, the cowboy boot has been used as a tool for daily work, a statement of fashion, and a representation of artistry. Azulado is the culmination of these things – a perspective.

The cowboy way of life is uniquely American, from central Mexico to Canada, horses, cattle, and ranching have been a central part of our history. Azulado is the merging of this way of life into boots that serve those who live the western life. Boots made for work in the saddle and fun in the evening. 

Blue collar and blue skies. Purposeful, artistic, and badass, Azulado makes boots for people who live their life in their boots.