Photos courtesy of Jynnifer Lacy Photography……
Photos courtesy of Jynnifer Lacy Photography.

When your mama is a photographer and runs her own rescue operation, your baby photos have baby deer in them! It will be so cool to see what this mommy-daughter duo accomplishes together as Little Miss grows up! See What Mama Lacy has to say!

“Josie Jaymes is 5 months old, and our first baby! She’s precious in every way. I have been doing photography for six years, but have recently decided to quit my full-time ranch manager job to further pursue my dream of being a traveling photographer and to focus on my licensed wildlife rehab facility, 3R Fauna. The idea behind this deer-themed shoot was to help raise money for my rehab to feed the animals I currently have! –Lacy, Josie’s Mama

I’m not quite sure who’s more happy, Josie or the baby deer!

Name something cuter…I’ll wait!

For more information on 3R Fauna, click here!

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