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There’s nothing cuter than babydoll sheep. This charming breed has a teddy bear face and wooly body. Originally from England, they’re now found throughout the U.S. and Canada. Many enjoy them as pets or for 4-H kid projects. Each spring, these sheep are sheared and soft, springy fleece is gifted. In addition to their fleece, babydoll sheep can make great companions for horses.

Say Hello to These Babydoll Cuties

Awe! Does it get any cuter? His black and white hair makes him look like a panda bear.

These two are definitely smiling. Can you tell?

Yumm… grass! Similar to your horse, they have a simple diet of grass and hay.

If you need a companion for your horse, a babydoll sheep may be the perfect option! These two get along great.

How beautiful! This darling lamb has a flower necklace.

Who’s ready to add some of these adorable sheep to your farm? I’m totally sold on the idea!