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If you dress like a cowboy, are you ranch dressing?”

Creating a Western closet is a marathon, not a race. It takes time to build a closet full of Western pieces. However, everyone has to start somewhere. Let’s look at the first pieces you should get for your Western closet! 

Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On

The most basic clothing item for a Western closet is a good pair of jeans. Whatever your go-to brand of jeans is, wearing jeans in the Western world goes as far back as cowboying itself (okay, maybe not that far, but you get the point). It’s all about preference when it comes to the style of jeans for you. Find your local Western store, bring your boots and find which jeans you love the look of best! Right now, trousers have gained popularity, but you also cannot beat the look of a nice bootcut. Pro tip: If you plan on riding in your jeans, most cowboys and cowgirls buy them longer to avoid the look of shorter jeans in the saddle. 

Boot Scootin’ Boogie

The best thing you can do for yourself is to buy a well-fitting pair of boots. The saying is true, “if you’re not in your bed, you’re in your boots.” So might as well be in comfortable boots! Again, the style is your choice! You can choose from square-toed to pointy-toed to round-toed. You can also choose different size heels or different soles (i.e. if you want them out of leather or rubber).  

This Cowboy’s Hat 

Do you really have Western attire if you don’t have a cowboy hat? Whether you choose a fashion hat or a true cowboy hat, it can elevate any Western ‘fit you put together! 

Heartbreak in a Pearl Snap Shirt

Button downs or pearl snaps are a must for any cowboy closet! They are some of the most versatile clothing pieces you can own. Don’t believe me? See this! You can wear them in a number of ways, from whole outfits to add ons! 

She Put Them Conchos on the Floor

Whatever your taste may be – shiny, sparkly, silver, leather, fashion, or function – there is a belt for you! Some with turquoise, the cowgirl’s best friend as we all know! A good belt is a necessary accessory! 

Even though these are all the basics of a Western closet, you can make each item your own. With custom belts, various shaped hats, and different style boots, you can truly make Western style your own! Just look at these different cowboy hats!